We’ve all got them in some form or another.

Whether it’s our Netflix queue or that “to read” pile or that stack of board games we’ve been meaning to get to, they serve as a constant reminder of how much of our life gets sucked up by the media we consume.

That’s not a bad thing – I take great comfort in the fact that there is always one more book to read or one more game to play. I don’t really want to imagine a world where we’ve run out.

It’s easy to think of it all just background noise or things to be consumed during our idle hours, but there’s no denying that all that noise and all those words become inexorably intertwined with our daily lives, our memories, and who we are as individuals.

Unfinished Playlist is a place to take a deeper look at the media that shapes us. To talk about it beyond just the internet blurb of “this is awesome” and a :thumbsup:.

So, put on some background music and settle in.